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  1. Awlgrip Deluxe Tack Rags

    Deluxe Tack Rags are a premium tack rag used to remove dust and dirt without depositing contamination on the surface, leaving it clean and ready to paint.

  2. AWLGrip T0073 Ultra build Reducer

    AwlGrip – Ultra Build Reducer

    AWLGRIP ULTRA BUILD REDUCER T0073 – T0073 is a special reducer for ULTRA-BUILD Primer (D8008-D3018). Product is sold by the Gallon and Quart.

  3. Shorhold PVA Sponge

  4. Shurhold Deluxe Wash Mitt

  5. Shurhold String Mop

  6. Shurhold Soft ‘n’ Thirsty

  7. Shurhold Lambs Wool Cover

  8. Shurhold Swivel Pad Base

  9. Shurhold Deck Brushes

  10. Red Tree Scrub Brush

  11. Diam Watermaker

    WATER MAKER CC1 Powdered alkaline compound formulated for the cleaning and maintenance of water makers. Ready to use dose mix with 40 litres of water.…

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  12. Fender Cover F Series


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