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Teak Wonder Brightener is a lightening process used to eliminate shading from the teak which may still persist even after the application of the TeakWonder Cleaner. The application of TEAK WONDER BRIGHTENER is not always necessary, but when used on aged surfaces it has an effect that seems miraculous: the teak immediately regains its natural color (like newly sanded but without removing precious layers of grain). The brightening process should be carried out on a wet surface, ideally straight after cleaning. Apply Teak Wonder sparingly and evenly to avoid a patchy result then wash the deck. The effect of the TEAK WONDER BRIGHTENER, is immediate and the result instant. As with the cleaner, rinse away the solution with plenty of fresh water. The product is neither caustic nor aggressive, and will not damage rubber seals, paint or hardware. Once dry, the surface is ready for application of protective TEAK WONDER DRESSING & SEALER. Carefully wash away any product left on non teak surfaces.