Blue Lagoon Malta

We understand that not everyone has the means to afford a yacht. However, it is still possible to enjoy the holiday of your dreams by simply choosing to charter a yacht. Ultimately, this works better for you in the long run, as your only responsibility is to make the most out of your experience with your loved ones.

At Melita Marine Group, we aim to make your charter experience in Malta an unforgettable one. Whether you want to organise a party, or whether you would like to enjoy a more relaxing experience with your family and friends, you are at the liberty of choosing your designated yacht that suits your needs and budget. We offer some of the finest and most luxurious yachts on the island, ranging from luxury motor yachts, sailing yachts, or super yachts. Rest assured that our professional captains and crew member will give you peace of mind as they are equipped with the necessary skills and are dedicated to providing the best experience possible.

Chartering a yacht will give you the freedom of exploring all parts of the island. You can choose your own route and do whatever you desire within your own pace. Malta’s distinct skyline offers some spectacular views, along with its clear, blue waters. Some of the most notable beaches include Għadira Bay, Selmun Bay, Anchor Bay and the Blue Lagoon in Comino. You can also try your hand at a handful of water sports such as canoeing, jet-skiing, and scuba-diving.

Along with the freedom that comes with chartering, you can also prepare any refreshments to bring along with you or opt to have someone prepare anything you may require. On top of that, you are also free to organise all the activities you would like to do during the day.

Stunning views, fantastic weather, beautiful beaches, and good food! Malta simply has it all. Melita Marine Group is the long-standing choice for the ideal vacation and to charter your yacht in Malta.

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