Shipyard Services

We can arrange bespoke shipyard services for yachts and superyachts using the latest technology and a skilled and motivated workforce. The team is led by an experienced and professional management team, who will attend to yacht owners and captains, to make entirely sure the process is smooth and the working relationships are effective. We provide a broad range of shipyard services for superyachts from 30m up to 140m. Our experienced workforce can carry out any type of repairs, including full hull refits, all carried out by a highly skilled workforce. While they carry out necessary maintenance works, the yacht’s crew have toilet and shower facilities.

Shipyard Services in Malta - Melita Marine group

Shipyard Facilities

  • Safety equipment service station
  • Marine electronics, mechanical and hydraulic works
  • Painting & varnishing using airless spray, rollers and brushes
  • Carpentry & joinery including yacht decking & hull planking
  • 24-hour security & surveillance
  • Berthing afloat for yachts
  • Hard-standing vessel storage with travel hoist, water & electricity supplied
  • Pipe-Works such as Carbon, stainless steel, galvanised steel & plastic systems
  • Steel, aluminium, stainless steel composite metal works
  • Interior design, outfitting & Furnishing
  • Soda blasting, garnet blasting & grit blasting
  • Osmosis water treatment
  • Thermo-tenting
  • Scaffolding
  • Life raft servicing & repairs
  • Sail repairs & valeting
  • Upholstery and canopy work

Electrical and Electronics

The Electrical department staff specialise in design, installation and maintenance of complete electrical systems. They are further supported by our team of engineers, technicians, technical and specialist marine designers. The range of services includes electronics and electrical repairs of all types of equipment such as radars, and communication equipment. They also have extensive experience in wiring new vessels.

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HVAC Repairs in Malta, Shipyard Malta

HVAC / Refrigeration

Since we widened our range services, we can offer the inspection and maintenance of air conditioning systems. That includes the sterilisation of air handling units and ventilation ducting. Furthermore, we can deal with more complex operations such as the conversion of a/c system from R22 to R404A, or R407 refrigerant gas. The process includes the replacement of compressors, any related valves, and the renewal of piping insulation. Our department can undertake and handle complex operations such as this.

Mechanical Engineering

At Melita Power Diesel, our specialist engineers are trained in engine servicing, overhauling and repairing engine room equipment of all types. We can install new equipment and engines with a comprehensive guarantee of full, reliable and timely support for our customers at all times.

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Also offered is a full package service for:

  • Overhauling and repair, infield or at the workshop, of diesel engines and relevant auxiliary systems
  • Reconditioning of engine components
  • Overhauling and repair of any type of infield turbochargers, or at the workshop
  • Reconditioning of bearings, oil pumps, blades, rotors and other various components
  • Supply of new and reconditioned parts and engines
  • In and outside harbour repairs for all types of vessels and equipment
  • General repairs, servicing and new installation of outboard motors
  • Hydraulic repairs for bow thrusters, winches, gangways, and cranes etc.
  • Turnkey services for installation of marine and industrial machinery, including calculation of alignment and design of the foundation
  • Exhaust lagging
  • Overseas support
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Shipyard in Malta and Spain - Melita Marine Group

Metal Works

With the facilities at our plate shop, we can undertake all kinds of metal, stainless steel and aluminium works. Our highly specialised manpower can deal with repairs and replacements of chassis, panels and boards. They are assembled and installed prior to starting and over-seeing the sea trials. Our broad spectrum of services includes the design and manufacture of railings, stanchions and staircases. Furthermore, our team of welders can deliver high-grade finishing interventions onboard the vessel.

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All kinds of pipe network designs and repairs to existing piping can be undertaken by this department as well. We can design, manufacture and install various pipes made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and CU Ni. Wherever necessary, the works will be carried out with the approval and monitoring of classification societies.


Our purchasing department can source any spare parts and negotiate the best price for new items or replacements depending on the requirements. The department can assure the spares supplied to meet the required high standards or class society legislations if necessary. Our purchasing department works very closely with our project management team, to ensure a smooth and efficient refit.

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Project Managers

Our project management team is dynamic, flexible and comprised of engineers by trade. They will assist you at every stage of the works, or refit, right from the initial stages of planning, including execution, progress control and right up to completion. The team is instrumental in ensuring that a job is finished on time and is completed within budget irrespective of its complexity. When it is delivered to the client, their complete satisfaction will be ensured.

General Works

We can provide suitable manpower for galley or engine room cleaning, flushing of grey and black water systems, descaling and the sanitation of piping.

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