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Superyacht Agency Services

The agency department was explicitly set up to cater to and serve captains, vessel owners and their guests by responding proactively and efficiently to any requirements they may need on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week. We take care of all shore support services, either in-house or through our preferred partner collaborators.

Berthing Arrangments

The demand for yacht berthing is steadily on the increase in correlation with the surge in popularity of yachting in general. It is becoming really hard to find suitable berthing facilities, primarily due to Malta’s size limitations. Here at Melita Marine Group, we have strong contacts at all of Malta’s marinas. We can get you on when others can’t! We can virtually guarantee to find your yacht’s a berth whenever you may need it. Whether short-term, long-term or overnight berthing stays at any of Malta’s ports or marinas, please contact us: info@melitamarinegroup.net

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Once you provide us with the technical details including length, beam and draft of the yacht along with your preferred locations, we can immediately deal with the request. Furthermore, we can offer you all related services. Once the details are on hand, we will send you a cost-effective quotation in the shortest possible time-frame, including all the necessary information.

Marinas In Malta
Customs Malta, Superyacht Agency Services

Custom Clearance

Customs clearance can be a real headache filled with bureaucracy. We are renowned for our stress-free and efficient customs clearance service. We will handle all the required paperwork, so your shipments are customs cleared swiftly and effectively. Since we have direct contact with Maltese, EU and non-EU customs regulations, we will keep you updated throughout the process. We can check the duty rates, if any, without obligation. It is all part of the bespoke service we offer our valued clients.

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Our customs clearance services include:

  • Customs clearance for EU & Non-EU goods
  • Direct links to Maltese customs department
  • Archiving of documents
  • Air, Sea & Land Clearance
  • Super-fast and efficient service
  • No obligation duty rate checks
  • Most competitive rates in Malta
  • Complete confidentiality assured


Malta’s geographical position lies at the heart of the Mediterranean, making it a perfect location for bunker oil supplies. There are several bunkering areas strategically located around the island. The bunkering locations are conveniently located to minimise delays. If sufficient notice is given to us in advance, we can liaise with our suppliers without problems or undue delays. We will always make ourselves available day and night to negotiate, deal and attend to vessels on behalf of our valued customers.

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We can supply premium grade fuel, oil and lubricants directly to your vessel, even if it is located in any significant harbour around the world. We can also deliver offshore and in transit. Wherever applicable, duty-free prices could result in substantial savings for you. We can offer consultancy services for bunkering and voyage planning as well.

Yacht Bunkering Malta
Chandlery Shop in Malta


The yacht chandlery service we offer delivers high-quality supplies sourced from any location in the world to our clients in Mediterranean ports and beyond within the shortest possible time frame. We can bundle orders from diverse suppliers before the vessel’s arrival in Maltese ports, so when you arrive you will find everything ready and waiting to ensure none of your precious time is wasted on such matters, that’s what we are here for.

For more information please click here to visit our online shop.

Courier & Freight Handling

Freight forwarding is another of the vast array of services we have to offer. Our freight forwarding services are specifically tailored to suit the needs of our individual clients. Moving freight onto or off the vessel can be arranged and whatever shipping needs you may have, we will deal with them to your complete satisfaction. We can handle all kinds of freight requests and offer invaluable assistance with Malta’s customs requirements. No shipment is ever too big or too small for us to manage and we approach each one with diligence and efficiency.

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At Melita Marine Group we strive to provide all our clients with an efficient, price effective and swift service. We are proud of our ability to manage the entire freight forwarding process. Likewise, on our ability to meet all our clients’ pricing and timing demands. All you have to do is advise us what you need to be delivered and leave the rest to us.

Courier Services Malta, Superyacht Agency Services
Yacht Services in Malta, Superyacht Agency Malta

Emergency Repairs

We offer an emergency repair service for vessels inside and outside the port. If you are docking for scheduled maintenance works, repair to damages, or conversion work, assistance and a riding squad, we can handle it. Repairs can be effected in Malta or overseas.

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We provide the following emergency services:

  • Electrical and mechanical repairs
  • Repairs to new hydraulic systems, installations & modifications
  • Bridge electronic equipment
  • Steelworks
  • Pipeworks
  • Repairs & maintenance works on propulsion, auxiliary machinery & boilers
  • Cleaning of tanks
  • Testing welded joints check for any workmanship defects

Itinerary Planning

Malta has a rich and diverse history and culture. When you visit the Maltese Islands, you will find there is plenty to see and do. You can take a private tour around the islands or visit some of the most historical and archaeological sites. We can plan it all for you, taking away the stress and strife. Malta is located right at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and is renowned for having some of the most unique and beautiful historical sites in the Mediterranean and the world. There are so many interesting and exciting places to visit in Malta, that the choices are practically endless!

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Valletta is the capital city of Malta. It is a world heritage site and the European cultural capital in 2018. The rich, baroque architecture and unique style are trademarks of Valletta, which is best known for its relaxed living experience. A monument that was donated by the Knights of St John can be found in one of the piazzas and the impressive entrance to Valletta was designed by the famous Italian architect Renzo Piano. The capital city is dotted with open-air cafes, gourmet restaurants, trendy wine bars and some of the best shops on the island. Valletta is one of Malta’s major tourist attractions, with several museums, palazzos, and majestic churches. Among the more popular attractions, one can see St John’s Co-Cathedral which features priceless paintings by Caravaggio and other famous artists. On one side of Valletta overlooks the stunning affording Grand Harbour, affording fantastic views and a snapshot of what is often described as the most beautiful harbour in the Mediterranean.

Mdina is Malta’s old capital city. Centrally located and perched upon a hill, it overlooks most of Malta like a beacon. Players will discover a wealth of architecturally impressive building, museums, and, of course, churches. The Natural History Museum and The Mdina Dungeon are well worth a visit.

There are many more beautiful and picturesque locations around Malta, including beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters. Chartering a yacht in Malta for a day or two and explore the nooks and crannies around the Maltese Islands. We can arrange to purchase your tickets to visit any of Malta’s attractions, archaeological sites, sightseeing trips or events. There are many interesting locations to visit, and things to do in Malta, that one should not let such a rare, golden opportunity pass by if you are visiting Malta. Whatever your desire, we are here to realise your dreams by thinking of and taking care of everything.

Itineraries Malta, Superyacht Agency Services


Malta offers so many possibilities and leisure activities of all kinds that everyone will find something of interest to do. There is the nightlife scene with bars, clubs, and all types of entertainment options to suit all tastes. From romantic courtyards to trendy music clubs, Malta has a vibrant nightlife. Cultural events fill the annual calendar, and they include classical concerts and theatrical performances. Malta hosts the International Jazz Festival in July and the MTV festival in summer. Then there is the cinema, with all the latest blockbuster releases, and al fresco dining is pleasure in the summertime. Why not choose from one the many romantic palazzos, harbour restaurants specialising in traditional Maltese cuisine. The summer Festa is part of Maltese culture and almost every weekend one is held in town or village in Malta.

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There are short distances between exceptional cultural sites, so moving from one to another is a quick process. Since Malta enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year and a rich history and unique architecture left behind by the Knights of St John. They are responsible for most of the magnificent palazzos, churches and the capital Valletta.

Exclusive Excursions

We can arrange a schedule of exclusive excursions to visit the beautiful sites around the Maltese islands. Don’t worry, as we won’t bundle you on a coach packed with rowdy tourists. Instead, we can arrange an executive Chauffeur driven car why a private tour guide. Or you might prefer a small group tour, we will cater to your preferences.

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An exclusive, informal, and flexible tour will allow you as much free time as you want to relax or explore in between the group activities. Our bespoke tours will pamper you and are indeed not typical excursions. Whether you choose to visit The Three Cities, Mdina, the museums in Valletta, or Gozo, we will set it all up to your exact specifications. You can discover the hidden beauty of Malta and Gozo in complete comfort and freedom with an exclusive excursion.

Exursions Malta,Superyacht Agency Services
Tours in Malta, Superyacht Agency Services

Guided Tours

Malta is blessed with rich cultural history and beautiful architecture. There are guided tours to every corner of the Maltese islands. With such a lavish choice there is something for everyone. Malta is frequently referred to as the jewel of the Mediterranean, there are some of the oldest free-standing temples on the world. The Hypogeum underground temple complex is the oldest in the world, pre-dating the pyramids in Egypt. The island is dotted with fortified cities, such as Valletta, Mdina, the Three Cities, and the Citadel in Gozo. Most of them were built by the Knights of St John to defend the island from the Ottoman Empire. The Maltese archipelago consists of Malta, Gozo and Comino, with a population of 430,000 inhabitants. Malta hosts over a million visitors each year, who flock to the island to appreciate 7,000 years of Maltese history and take in the sites or the nightlife.

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The tours we can arrange are specially tailored to executive clients, with exceptionally competitive rates. There is hardly any point of listing all the tours here, as we can arrange to visit anywhere in Malta and Gozo. The most popular ones are the tours to Valletta, Mdina, Gozo, the Marine Park, the reenactment at Fort Rinella, Temples and Maltese lifestyle, the Three Cities, the Blue Grotto and Marsaxlokk, Comino and the Blue Lagoon, Jeep Safari, and Maltese Folklore Night. You might want to combine a land tour with a cruise. There are cruises around The Grand Harbour, the Maltese Islands, and a full day cruise on the majestic Spirit of Malta.

Hotel Reservations

There are many possibilities if you are looking for accommodation in Malta or its sister island Gozo. All sorts of hotels can be found in all the best locations. With an impressive range of excellent hotels to suit all tastes and budgets. The 5-Star hotels are often located right on the seashore or beach, offering a unique and extraordinary experience. You can live the lap of luxury, make use of the excellent amenities at a 5-Star hotel of your choice. Whether a short stay or a longer one, we will source the best one for you. You can discover the culinary delights the world-class restaurant can offer, or perhaps take in the varied nightlife. From casinos to themed bars, discotheques, and clubs, there is something for everyone.

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There are many high-quality, self-catering apartments, traditional Maltese farmhouse and character homes which are ideal for more extended stays. We can handle all your accommodation needs if you are visiting Malta by boat or yacht. Being locals, we understand the market, and we know the best locations. We are ideally positioned to negotiate the best prices and conditions on your behalf.

Hotels Malta, Superyacht Agency Services
Restaurants in Malta, Superyacht Agency Services

Restaurant Reservations

Another service we offer is restaurant reservations. We can recommend a place to eat and savour the local cuisine, fresh fish, and gourmet eateries. We can arrange ticket reservations at some of Malta’s most sought-after tables, with a dining experience of a lifetime!

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You deserve to be toasted with a glass of fine Maltese wine, in perfect surroundings. Navigating your way through the maze of restaurants all over the islands can be a nightmare and making a reservation can take forever. Our restaurant specialist will assist you with all the information you need. Once your decision is made, he will take care of all the reservations. We know all the best places in Malta as we eat there ourselves! What could be a better recommendation than that!

Why not spoil yourself and enjoy a delicious meal at one of Malta’s world-class restaurants. Malta offers a variety of delicious gourmet flavours, traditional Maltese, and inventive dishes from the top-rated restaurants in the country. For such as small size, Malta provides a disproportionate number of restaurants. Whether you fancy interested a casual meal, or something more elaborate and memorable, we will find it and make the reservations.

Local Cruising Planning

If you fancy a cruise, Malta is the perfect place. There are numerous cruises all over the Maltese islands. The Grand Harbour cruise is a popular option, so are Comino and Gozo. The best way to appreciate Malta from afar from the blues sea by boat. Other exciting options include the fishing village of Marsaxlokk and the Blue Grotto. One can opt for a group cruise, or we can arrange a private boat for you. Our long-standing contacts in Malta ensure we can offer you the best options at the best prices.

Crusing Malta -Melita Marine
Onboard Services Malta, Superyacht Agency Services

Onboard Services

For any onboard entertainment functions, we can organise them from scratch. You might want to host a built-in party for friends instead of going ashore, or you might want a romantic candlelit dinner onboard with your loved one, well that too can be arranged. Maybe you would like a live band or solo musician to play on board, or a disco party with sound amplification, we will organise a spectacular event whatever your request. We can even take care of the catering and any requests for onboard decorations. Just leave it all to our passionately dedicated team, and we guarantee you the highest standards whatever type of events you let us organise for you.

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We offer:

  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Security Services


The experience we have gained means we fully understand the discerning provisioning demands of luxury yacht owners, captains, charterers, brokers and manager inside out and upside down! We have long years of experience supplying yachts in Malta. It is solidly backed up by a robust logistical and distribution network of road, courier and air freight services. Wherever you are in the world, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Pacific, even Timbuktu, we WILL deliver. From the finest gourmet foods, vintage wines, and Cuban cigars, to basic toiletries and everyday janitorial supplies, we will serve them up to you in a silver platter!

Yacht Provisions in Malta, Superyacht Agency Malta
Yacht Safety in Malta, Superyacht Agency Services

Safety and Medical

When it comes to safety and life-saving equipment, we only supply the best and highest quality. These include life rafts, life jackets, EPIRBs, sarts, VHF radios and pyrotechnics for the leisure and commercial markets. All vessel’s marine safety equipment can be also serviced directly with us. The same can be said for medical equipment and supplies, only the best will do. Finally, we can offer survival and medical training courses to ensure your crew are fully able to use the equipment.

Technical Services and Support

Technical and support services are vital for the smooth operating of any vessel. Our shore-based management service covers a broad range of issues necessary to keep a yacht and its technical systems running efficiently and smoothly. We strictly follow regulatory standards and requirements that govern their safe operation. The external management support we bring to the table could make the difference whether you are at your next destination on time, or not.

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We can check every detail to make sure it functions perfectly for you, the captain, your guests, and most crucially when the port inspectors come on board. We will ensure your yacht is sea-worthy, operating safely and consistently by providing you with the support of our technical management support team. Our technical team is comprised of former yacht captains, engineers and yacht or ship-specific technical professionals. We can help your captain to prepare for safety audits, class surveys, flag inspections, yard works and refits. Our team is available 24/7; therefore, any technical support you need will be dealt with immediately.

Yacht Support in Malta, Superyacht Agency Services
Gozo Ferry Malta, Superyacht Agency Services

Travel and Transportation

Up until 1931 there used to be a railway in operation from Mdina to Valletta. Since then, Malta’s transportation network has moved into the 21st Century. It is easy to get around, distances are short, and there are multiple public transportation options. The Malta International Airport connects the island to most major airports around the world and several airlines operate here, including Air Malta and Ryanair. There is a daily ferry service to Sicily and multiple ones across the channel there Gozo. Buses remain the most popular method of getting around as it is relatively cheap. There are white taxis which one can hail or private minicab taxis. The latter is an excellent option to see a bit of the island by car. There is a helicopter air service from Malta to Gozo and one can cross from Sliema to Valletta by passenger ferry, with a trip every few minutes. You can even rent a bicycle to move around if you feel like some exercise.

Car Hire

If you want to rent a car to drive around Malta, vehicles are right-hand drive and driving is on the left of the road, just like in the UK. We can arrange to get you any kind of car, from small budget car to luxurious and high-performance vehicles. We are in close contact with all major car-hire firms and can, therefore, arrange preferential rates. During the peak summer months, it is nigh impossible to find a car; nevertheless, we can overcome this hurdle and source a vehicle for you anyway.

Car Rental Malta, Superyacht Agency Services
Air Malta, Flights and Travel Arrangements - Melita Marine

Flights and Travel Arrangements

It is our team’s solemn duty to provide you with all the best options should you decide to travel to, or from Malta. We will make your life easier. We understand your time is precious. Our dedicated team of travel professionals will save you the hassle of scouring the airlines to try and book a flight. We can also plan your onward journey with land, sea, rail or aviation options. We can provide a private jet or regular airline flights with all the major operators flying into Malta.

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We will do our best, so you won’t experience a travel snag and if you do, we will step in to remedy the situation with viable alternatives. Our team can check if Visas are required. We will review your itinerary carefully and make sure all the dates, times and reservations correspond. We can even arrange meeting rooms, restaurant reservations, or accommodation at your final destination. Rest assured all your travel arrangements will be spot-on and handled most efficiently.

Private Jet and Helicopter Bookings

One of the services we are proud to offer is private air travel solutions. At Melita Marine Group no flight is too small or too large for us to handle. Whether a luxury private jet or a helicopter, for work or pleasure, you can count on us to provide it. Time is precious, so don’t waste it on petty details. We can take it all out of your hands. If you require a quick flight out of Malta, or you need to leave Malta for a day, just give us 24 hours, and we will find a suitable aircraft to take you from Malta and bring you back to Malta, whatever your needs may be. Maybe you urgently need to be somewhere for an unforeseen engagement or important meeting, we can take care of that too. We will make entirely sure you travel to your final destination in comfort and arrive safely and on schedule.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if there is anything you want to ask or any information you need.

Private Jets in Malta, Shipyard Services, Melita Marine
Concierge Services Malta -Superyacht Agency Services Malta

VIP Concierge Services

Our clients deserve the best and we have a team of energetic individuals working towards our shared goal of providing you with the ultimate concierge services. We can offer anything you need. The service is tailored to meet each individual client.

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We can pre-book concerts, museum visits, cultural events, a candlelit dinner and entrance to one of Malta’s many clubs. We can arrange a chauffeur driven tour around the island, horse riding, parachuting, or perhaps a game of golf? Anything is possible. Over the past years, we have forged strong relations with reliable service providers around the island. We can get the best deals, must competitive pricing, best quality and the highest standard of service.  If you fancy chartering a small yacht or speedboat to explore Malta from the sea, we will take care of it. We can provision your yacht with your favourite food, drinks, newspapers, magazines, books, and music. We can deliver your food, beverages, and other supplies directly onboard the yacht and they all form part of our network of trusted suppliers. Why not have some pink champagne on ice with caviar or a bottle of chilled Gavi. Additionally, we can provide for laundry, insurance brokers, and yacht handling instructors to train the crew.

Our concierge services fully reflect the core values at Melita Marine Group. We have succeeded in expanding from a modest start back in 1989 and today we can boast of having the most comprehensive range of services for our clients. The past years have encouraged the group to expand with confidence. The passion we have for yachting and marine servicing operations is evidenced by the results we produce. Our past clients are returning clients, and once you try us out, you will never have to look anywhere else!

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