Get your yacht ready for next summer, this winter!

Its that time again where captains must start thinking about yard periods to get their yachts ready for the next summer. That means boat maintenance, repairs, berthing, paint works and general upkeep. Winter is a time of relative calm and inactivity for pleasure yachting and cruising. Even a yacht needs time off but that shouldn’t mean neglect. Leaving a boat for extended periods of inactivity can do more harm than good. Left unchecked, enemies such as corrosion can spread, and rust never sleeps! Lubrication and moisture can wreak havoc and to put it mildly, deferred maintenance will come back to haunt you next summer. This is where Melita Marine Group comes in. With shipyard related services in Malta and Tarragona in Spain, Melita Marine will take away the headache and stress of maintaining your yacht. You want to ensure that the first spring day on water doesn’t end up with a problem and a heftier repair bill.

The Malta shipyard is equipped to deal with any kind of yacht repair and maintenance including refitting yachts of up to 110m. The Spanish shipyard can deal with yachts out of the water, up to 50m and berthed boats at the marina of up to 100m along with unparalleled refit and repair services.

Melita Marine Group is well positioned to help you prepare your boat for the winter’s nap and start next summer with a ship-shape and clean machine. Melita Marine Group the sole distributors for MTU engines both in Malta and Greece, throughout the whole country while also offering a wide array of services including marine electronics, mechanical and hydraulic works, painting, carpentry and joinery, yacht decking and hull planking.

We invite captains and yacht owners to contact us for a free professional consultation and quotation, in order to have their yacht in a tip-top condition for next summer!

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